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bonpasteur200One fine night in 1928 Anto-Carte and Léon Eeckman, when paying Louis Buisseret a visit, decided to found the Group Nervia (1928-1938). This group aimed at promoting Belgian art, but first of all Nervia wanted tot encourage, support and attract attention to many young and talented artists.

Following this beautiful idea young artists from that time, such as Léon Devos, Frans Depooter, Léon Navez founded together with some elder artists from the entourage of Mrs. Anto-Carte in 1957 the association Les Amis d'Anto-Carte .

There is a book with texts written by Albert Guislain and with reproductions in black and white, which was published by Léon EECKMAN in 1949. Our organisation offers this book for sale and other book in colors published by Exelco. Do not hesitate to contact us when you have questions or when you wish to become acquainted.