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The association consists of honorary members, members for life, effective members and adherent members.

The honorary members are those who, due to their patronage, moral or material support, services rendered to the association or to the pictorial art, have been granted this honorary title by the Board of Directors or by the General Meeting.

The title "member for life" can be given by the Board of Directors to the effective members and founding members of the association whose material or moral assistance to the creation of the " Anto-Carte Award" justifies the attribution of this title.

The Board decides independently on this matter without having to justify its decision.

The effective members are admitted by the Board of Directors to join the association. In this quality they can attend the General Meeting with the same rights as the associates.

The adherent members are those who wish to contribute to the success of the " Anto-Carte Award". The Board of Directors can ask them to attend the General Meeting with a consultative vote.

The subscriptions are payable in January of each year . The fee is fixed by the Board of Directors.
The fee is currently 15 euros for the adherent members.

Founders Members :

Mrs ANTO-CARTE, Mrs Louis BUISSERET, Mister Frans DEPOOTER, Mister Léon DEVOS, Mister Léon EECKMAN, Mister Jacques MAES, Mister Léon NAVEZ, Mister W.PAERELS, Mister Pierre PAULUS, Mister Robert SAVE, Mister Rodolphe STREBELLE and Mister Taf WALLET

Board of Direction :

Mrs Françoise EECKMAN Manager,
Mister Michel DEREYMAEKER Partner,
Mister Eric HEMELEERS Treasurer Secretary,
Mrs Diana PANA Partner,
Mrs Pascale van ZUYLEN Partner,
Mister Walter VILAIN Partner.